Soap Nut Concentrate

I’m surprised it took me sooo long to try Soap Berries (Soap Nuts)!
They are completely natural, fuss free, throw them in the machine and wash your clothes! I am now HOOKED!

We have been using them as a hand soap too for Little Rose while her hands are so raw and sore from steroid withdrawals, and then I thought if it doesn’t hurt her hands, I wonder if I can use them for a shampoo option… or to add to our citrus infused vinegar cleaning spray?

Sure enough!

The soap nut concentrate can be used for almost anything to do with cleaning! So I’m sharing it with you, have you tried soap nuts?

Here is an easy soap nut concentrate recipe; this wont keep long without preservatives, so keep left overs in a jar in the fridge and trust your nose when using! – I add a little clove and tea tree oil to mine to help preserve for a little longer and give it a little extra cleaning power!

Soap Nut Concentrate