A little Extra Care

Cool and Dry

No preservatives are added to T&R soaks or scrubs, so a little extra care is needed to extend their shelf life…
Sample pots are fine to be kept on the shower shelf as they are plastic and are enough for 1 or 2 uses, but any of our other sizes need to be kept cool and dry.
I keep my products on my bathroom vanity, and scoop what I need for my shower into a small container. I take the transfer container into the shower with me, which allows the remaining product to stay dry and hence last longer.
Keeping the products out of direct sunlight and dry is usually fine, if the temperature is above 30’C I will pop my scrubs in the fridge to stop them from melting!
I have researched preservatives and parabens, and often the ‘natural’ alternatives are less safe than the synthetic options, and keeping my products ‘good enough to eat’ has always been important to me – because we really shouldn’t be putting anything ON our bodies that we wouldn’t put IN our bodies. Especially seeing though 80% of what goes on the skin absorbs into our blood streams and our bodies either benefit from the nutrients, or work harder to remove the toxins. The choice is always ours.