Easy Natural Cleaning Recipes

My kitchen and laundry window sills are lined with glass jars filled with citrus peels and vinegar… why? Because it is the most excellent household cleaner! How?… I’ll explain:

Vinegar has long been used as an environmentally friendly, affordable and natural cleaning agent, and infusing it with citrus peels gives it an extra cleaning kick and fresh scent! This is such a simple and effective cleaning solution, and it will help you avoid all the green washing of the cleaning isles, and the toxicity that comes with most of them!

Citrus Infused Vinegar:
Fill a glass jar with citrus peels and top with vinegar. Let the mixture infuse for two weeks+ and when ready to use half fill a spray bottle with the strained vinegar and top with water. I like to add a few drops of eucalyptus to my spray as well. I use this for the kitchen, and surfaces and love it!

Shower Spray:
Half fill a spray bottle with citrus vinegar, add 10 drops of dishwashing liquid (I use eco-store) and top with water.
Spray shower and wipe with scrubbing cloth, rinse clean!
*use bicarb soda on any hard to remove scum or mould, spray and wipe

Floor Cleaner:
Fill a bucket with hot water and add a jar of citrus vinegar, sprinkle some washing soda into the bucket (only about 1 tablespoon) and mop away to shiny clean toxic free floors!

I top and tail my oranges/lemons/limes when I cut them (an old school hospitality habit) and I always have a jar under my sink, i just pop the citrus ends in the jar and top with vinegar, you will be surprised how quickly you will start to fill these jars, and once you start, you wont run out! Save money, save the environment, save our health > what more could we want?!…. maybe someone to do the housework for me 😉

citrus vinegar 2
I freeze peeled orange slices, and use their organic skins to fill up glass jars to infuse my vinegar for cleaning. So simple, yet so effective!


Natural and effective shower spray!
Before being cleaned…
Shower Spray
and after! ahh, much better

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