Mermaid Mask

UPDATED RECIPE! Now made with a blend of Organic Bentonite and Australian Ivory Clays; giving this much loved mask a soft and silky base perfect for sensitive skin and drawing out any excess toxins! This organic, nutrient rich, natural face mask contains carefully sourced organic sea plants, including the rare Dulse seaweed that strengthens the…

Green Machine

Organic Hemp and Wheatgrass

Face Powders

Tahi & Rose Face Powders It may seem unusual to use a powder as your face cleanser, but it is the most natural way to feed your skin the essential nutrients it needs, and because water is added at time of use, there is no need for chemical preservatives to be added. Just pure and beneficial…

Turmeric for your face?

I love using the goodness of plants and food to feed my skin, and I think you will love our antioxidant face cleanser/mask, GLOW, it’s secret ingredients? Turmeric! WHY TURMERIC? Well, lets start with the facts. It’s an anti-oxidant, it’s anti-bacterial and it’s anti-inflammatory!