Who is Tahi and Rose?

Tahi (pronounced Tar – he) is my son’s middle name, meaning ONE in Maori as he is the first grandson born to his New Zealand grandparents. Rose is after my daughter Iylah-Rose, who is the reason this journey started. She is an amazing little bundle of life, who’s body can not handle anything artificial and suffers terribly for it. We are slowly finding answers as to why, and ways to make life as natural as possible for her and for us.

I am a huge believer in the beauty of life, and will upcycle/recycle/reuse whatever I can! I am also a huge believer in everyone being able to help someone, so often my products are donated to charity events, or support different causes, I believe that if everything we bought benefited someone instead of creating profits for a company this world would be such a beautiful place, and I try to do this with all my products. So by helping me, I get to help too.

The Tahi & Rose SKINFOOD range is a beautiful collection of handmade detox bath soaks, natural shower scrubs, face cleansers/masks and magnesium balms that are pure and beneficial, a lot of years have gone into developing Tahi and Rose, and I believe keeping it natural is best, and beneficial – to us, our children and our world….
These are my recipes; I have tested and improved over the years in my need to provide a less toxic environment for my family, and especially reduce and calm eczema flares in my little Rose.
All bath and body products are made by hand, with the utmost care, from ingredient selection to packaging. If soap flakes are used- they are 100% certified green palm oil users, coconut oil is cold pressed and sustainably sources, organic and local ingredients are used as much as possible and NO parabens, carcinogenic or animal tallow is EVER used or included in ingredients of my products.

I hope you join me on this journey …

❤ Rhea


Selected products available in the ONLINE STORE

Local pick up is always welcome if you live in the Port Stephens area, order via FACEBOOK or email tahiandrose@gmail.com any requests or orders


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