All Natural Baby Powder

Tahi and Rose’s all natural baby powder absorbs excess moisture whilst protecting bub’s gentle skin microbiome, and you can bet it’s:
⚪Talc Free ⚪ Fragrance Free ⚪ Toxin Free ⚪ Natural ⚪ Pure and ⚪Ethical

It’s key ingredients include

* Antibacterial Organic Bentonite Clay absorbs excess moisture & fights against yeast & bacteria overgrowth

* Organic chamomile and calendula soothes & calms sore, irritated skin

* Shelf stable probiotic blend to improve the skins natural defence against infection & protects delicate skin

* Can be used also as a safe and soothing postnatal powder, baby powder and a number of added uses too! (More uses below)


I have just as many baby-free customers who love my Natural Baby Powder as I do Mum’s and Dad’s!

Why?? Because it really is so much more than baby powder!

Well here are just some of its popular uses;

👥 Use on its own for a completely natural, soothing, fragrance free dry deodorant (especially useful for pre-teens and people with sensitive skin)

🏋 Mix with our magnesium balm and apply as a deodorant paste, effective and amazingly beneficial to your body!

❗ Mozzie and Sandfly itch relief! Just mix a small amount with equal parts water in the palm of your hand and apply the paste to the bite to draw out and relieve the itch!

🛀 Add some to bath water to aid water purification (bentonite) skin soothing (chamomile + calendula) and add beneficial probiotics to your skin to help repair and nourish – naturally of course

🌿 Apply directly to relieve itchy skin (eczema, psoriasis, chaffing etc)

Oh, and we use it as a dry shampoo alternative (arrowroot is extremely useful to absorb excess oil from the scalp), and in place of normal baby powder knowing it is toxic free!!

Like all my products I’ve researched and perfected my formula to include only the purest ingredients that all have benefits to the user (and the environment), it’s made by hand by me… One Muma on a mission to bring safe, effective and honest products back into our lives ❤🌿



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