Nits and Nots No More

Nits and Nots No More – Hair detangler

A natural and non toxic daily hair detangler with the
added benefits of repelling nits from invading your world!

It is so gentle, and effective it’s amazing how all natural products work even better than the expensive off the shelf treatments that are filled with synthetics, fillers and irritants!
We use this hair spritz everyday with Little Rose, and her skin is the most sensitive that I know of, and it she does not flinch!

Our customer reviews have been just as positive:

“We use to have headlice issues with school aged kids… not anymore”

“This stuff is amazing!!! Scarlet’s class have had nits go around a few times but she’s never brought the little critters home! Hooray!!!!”

“School time = nits!! …But not in this house! ❤
We use this daily, and even when there is a class breakout of those little critters we manage to avoid them! So far so good!”

“Miss 7 is in love with her Nits and Nots no more – we have gone from tantrums every time we had to brush her hair, to her doing it willingly and independently – a massive win in this household!! Thank you!!”


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