Magnesium Balm

Why use magnesium on your skin?

Research shows that the most effective way to increase your magnesium levels in the body is through your largest organ- the skin!
Oral magnesium supplements can leave as little as 4% Mg in the body (the digestive system removes the rest), and too much oral magnesium ultimately acts as a laxative!

Tahi and Rose’s Soothing Magnesium Balm contains a minimum of 25% pure magnesium from the Dead Sea, that has been analysed in Australia to ensure
NO TRACES OF HEAVY METALS (including lead, mercury, arsenic or aluminium)

It is crafted with skin nourishing oils, including Organic Shea Butter, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Borage, Evening Primrose Oil and Organic Natural Beeswax.
It contains no preservatives, synthetics, fillers, binders, parabens, toxins, fragrances, or essential oils. It is as pure and beneficial as it can be, and a little goes a long way!

Maintaining sufficient supply of Mg by applying daily has shown to help numerous conditions including:

  • Exercise – enhances performance and replenishes used Mg
  • Sleep, restlessness and anxiety – relaxes GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system
  • Hormone regulation
  • Depression – serotonin is dependant on Mg
  • Cramps, pains, aches,
    PMS, headaches, skin conditions…
  • Stress reliever…

Mag balm.png


This organic, handmade balm is rich in Magnesium Chloride which has been proven to help with sleep, relaxation, muscle and joint pain, cramps, anxiety, morning sickness and headaches.

Unlike a magnesium spray, this rub adds beneficial oils to the skin and reduces the skin drying/associated stinging that is often felt with the magnesium oil alone.
The magnesium is absorbed through the skin trans-dermally
(trans-dermal absorption is the most effective way to benefit from magnesium)
It is easy to apply and can be used 2-3 times a day or as needed.
We recommend patch testing first and avoiding sensitive areas.

– Cramps: (Especially growing pains in children!) Rub/massage directly onto body where cramps/ pain is present

– Sleep: Rub onto soles of feet and temples 30 minutes before bed

– Exercise: Use before exercise to elevate pains, apply after exercise to replace used magnesium and aid recovery

– Anxiety: Massage on pulse points to calm nerves/anxiety/irritability



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