Face Powders

Tahi & Rose Face Powders

It may seem unusual to use a powder as your face cleanser, but it is the most natural way to feed your skin the essential nutrients it needs, and because water is added at time of use, there is no need for chemical preservatives to be added.

Just pure and beneficial skinfood!


We use whole food ingredients, delivering essential proteins directly to your skin without synthetic binders, fillers, alcohol or surfactants- reducing the amount of toxins your body needs to process and remove!

…and considering your skin absorbs up to 80% of what is put on it transdermally, we only ever add the good stuff!


To use:

  1. Dampen face with warm water
  2. Mix 1 part powder (1 tsp is plenty) with 1 part elixir of choice (water, raw honey, green tea etc) in the palm of your hand
  3. Gently massage onto your face as you would with a regular cleanser, working in circular motions and then rinse off with warm water and a face cloth
  4. To use as a weekly face mask, apply mask following the first two steps, and allow to dry on skin for 10 – 15 minutes before following step 3

glow 1


Natural Elixirs

Tailor your face powders to your needs or enhance it’s effects further by mixing with a natural elixir of choice

Our favourite! Perfect for sensitive skin and will leave the skin hydrated and soothed

Great for oily skin, it is especially useful to reduce puffiness and redness

Yogurt (or Kefir!)
Full of lactic acid which helps regulate skin’s elasticity, removes oil build up & dead skin cells

Revitalise Face Serum 
Our face serum has been carefully formulated using organic rice bran oil infused with Organic carrots to help restore and revitalise fine lines and wrinkles for healthy, glowing skin! Packed with vitamins A and E, beta carotene and carotenoids, this organic serum is easily absorbed into the skin, non greasy and helps protect against UVR damage, fights free radicals and feeds the skin essential nutrients needed for healthy skin.

You can use your own oil blend at home, just ensure that the oil is cold pressed and as pure as possible. Some people find coconut oil too heavy for their face, extra virgin olive oil is a good alternative, as is natural organic castor oil and/or avocado oil.

** Remember to patch test first, and do not use any product that makes your skin red or uncomfortable **


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