Simple, Easy, Non-toxic Deodorant Recipe!

I’ve been using our magnesium balm mixed with our all natural baby powder instead of deodorant, mainly because I ran out of deodorant and thought I’d try the natural alternative… turns out it works brilliantly, I also like to add a few drops of peppermint oil to keep the mozzies from eating me alive (they must really like my blood because they never leave me alone!)


But, an even simpler version of the above deodorant can be made by mixing:

2 Table spoons of bentonite clay
1/2C Coconut Oil
1 probiotic tablet (shelf stable probiotics work best for this purpose as they don’t need to be kept in the fridge)

+ a few drops of desired essential oil if you would like to scent your pits

*Bentonite Clay is amazing, you can buy it online or at the health food store, and once you have it in your house you will end up using it time and time again! It draws out toxins, is a natural product that is full of minerals and vitamins, can be used internally and externally, for skin hair and digestion! I’ll post on my love for drinking “dirt water” another time…

HERE is a link to a great little article by Wellness Mama if you’d like to read some more about Bentonite Clay.

Feel free to share our recipe, but please always credit Tahi and Rose when sharing ❤


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