Baby Bath Love


Baby Bath Love was developed as a natural bath wash for sensitive skin,
babies and young children.

Any baby product on the market that includes water MUST contain preservatives to stop the growth of bacteria and pathogens, and although some of these products contain “natural” preservatives, they still enter the body and need to be removed by the immune system.

A lot of the products aimed at children have added fragrances, chemicals and soaps to form bubbles, all of these things add to your child’s toxic load – and breaks down their natural skin barrier, increasing the risk of skin irritations, eczema and other skin conditions.

I created this powdered blend based on three factors:

  • Research into the benefits of each ingredient
  • Safety of all ingredients to both babies and pregnant mothers (including accidental ingestion)
  • Availability of organic, natural ingredients

Baby Bath Love, like all Tahi and Rose products, is made in small batches by hand using only pure and beneficial ingredients. We’ve added organic Australian oats, organic coconut powder, organic calendula and organic chamomile to cleanse, soothe and protect your precious bub’s skin.

Organic oats provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory benefits, while the use of organic chamomile buds and coconut milk soothe and hydrate the skin, & unlike soaps- this formula won’t strip the skin of its natural oils, it helps maintain the natural barrier function.

Sensitive Skin

Oats are a common inclusion in the care of sensitive skin, including eczema and psoriasis treatments.

They naturally hydrate and nourish the skin, they’re anti-inflammatory, moisturising and cleansing.
They have shown to reduce itch, improve skin barrier, speed skin repair and reduce redness.

Because oats contain saponins, they act like a gentle soap without the harsh surfactants, making them an excellent choice in protecting the natural skin barrier.

It is worth noting that oats work brilliantly in the control of early stage skin conditions, but there are cases (like our little Rose) whose skin does not find comfort in oats. If there is an increase in itch or redness, discontinue using oats. Because I make everything from scratch, I am happy to custom make without oats if they are an issue.

I’ve added organic coconut milk for its ability to nourish, rehydrate and replenish the skin, as well as skin calming organic herbs calendula and chamomile.

Cleanse, soothe and protect your precious bub’s skin with this completely natural bath wash

Custom Bath Tea Bags with Epsom and Bicarb Salt Mix

I have added Epsom salts and natural bicarb soda to the original Baby Bath Love recipe in this custom bath tea bag due to its researched effects on skin conditions.
(These are available by request at this point in time)

Epsom (magnesium sulphate) is easily absorbed through the skin and has the ability to further reduce inflammation caused by allergens, as well as reducing swelling, muscle cramps and easing asthma.
Salts aid in controlling the overgrowth of bacteria and fungi on the skin (which are often underlying factors of eczema)
Magnesium has an alkalysing effect on the body, promoting the removal of toxins and reducing blood acidity, which reduces the toxic load on the immune system. The sulphate found in Epsom salts helps flush heavy metals (lead, mercury) from the body and is extremely beneficial to the gut by helping absorb essential nutrients. (Epsom baths are used a lot with Autistic children as they tend to have decreased levels of sulphate which limits their ability to absorb nutrients thoroughly)
Magnesium salts also help speed the recovery of the skin barrier, and bicarb is known to raise the PH level of tap water and is often used to fight skin infections.

*we no longer use Epsom soaks for our little Rose, instead we use Magnesium Chloride as it is more easily absorbed and is more intense (with added raw local honey for skin moisture, and apple cider vinegar to create the right ph level) Epsom salts are a form of magnesium, but unlike mag chloride, Epsom can safely be ingested making it a safer alternative for children and babies, and has the added benefits of sulphate.


Baby Bath Love is available as a bath powder, or as individual bath tea bags (which reduces the mess!) here




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